From door and window replacement, to custom built homes. Westshore has the solution for you. 
If you are like most people, you need some help with this one. Do you know what a home
builder and an airline pilot have in common? They both have a real challenge ahead of them. The
airline pilot has the lives and safety of hundreds of passengers in his care, while the builder has
the dreams and hopes of a family in his. One of the main similarities is that neither one of them
would take off without a plan of action. To the builder, that plan is usually drawn out on paper with
very specific dimensions and directions. He will use these plans to guide him through the project,
and help him bring it to successful completion. His ability to interpret and build into reality what is
on that paper is what will make the difference between the success or the failure of the project.
Here at Westshore, we understand through many years of experience how to handle this very
demanding task.
Give us a call today, we will be glad to have
someone come out and talk to you about your project.
We will take a look at what you want to do and where
you want to do it, and give you an estimate of what you
are looking at in terms of how long it will take and how
much it will cost. If needed we will walk you through the
design process, and help you make some decisions
about products or finishes.
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